Not only were eight of the ten of us dead, but we managed to earn an achieve? So, um, guess what killed most of us xD

After a week and change of attempts, Lunaris finally got Ragnaros down. A ridiculous kill, most certainly, but I’m not about to trade it in. After all, once upon a time in Naxxramas, I was in a raid that managed to take down Heigan the Unclean by dint of nine dead members, and the one standing having been recently raised as a DK’s ghoul – I wouldn’t trade that one in either.

I think it’s the ridiculous kills that really get me stoked, tbh. I like that whole SURPRISE DED BOSS! moment  – when no one has released because, you know, the chance is slim, but it’s still a chance, right? And then it happens – it actually happens! Too. Much. Fun.

(I’m the furbolg, btw.)

ETA – thank you, wowhead ♥-

In other news, don’t talk to me about politics. I’m super pissed off this week.