After weeks of getting this jerk down consistently to between 12% and 6%, I finally downed him \o/ I had upgraded pants and bracers, and just spent the morning hammering at it. In the end it came down to a glyph of Solar beam, a new macro,* a stack of bandaids,** a Runescrolls of Fort II, and some beneficient rng. Also, I started using roots – despite being told not to, I panicked at some point. Turns out they worked like a charm there at the last 1%.

Now it’s on to the next part of the quest chain, which I like to think of as the raiding-while-standing-on-yer-head part. While we kill the first four bosses, I need to loot stuff from the adds, and then while the fights continue, put it together, and then stick that at the boss’ feet before they do a fancy move. After four bosses worth of that business, I’ll be able to start an event where we fight a miniboss for the first piece of the staff. I am both excited and scurred. Good times, right?


*/target Thyrinar
/cast Solar Beam
** Yes, bandaids. For reals! I made the jerk dragon be quiet with Solar Beam, and then bandaged as fast as I could, healing up that way to conserve mana, and then dropping a HoT on myself for the next chunk of fight. Also, Ted, I owe you one for forcing me to max First Aid at the beginning of the last expansion.