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It’s been four weeks to the day since Jaquelyn and I had our adventure in  canning – which means it’s TIEM TO TASTE TEH PICKLES!

True Story: Man Cub was slated to go visit his grands today, for some Yard Work and Character Building Exercises, and I totally forgot about it until they were in the driveway and I was up to my elbows in baking bread for the week. How do you spell “oops”? I spell it just like that. Only with flour on my brow. So Man Cub was scrambling to get dressed in a hurry and brush his teeth, when I realized it had been four weeks since the pickles were pickled, and hello, we’re having an pickle tasting party with Will’s parents \o/

I’ll admit some apprehension about opening the pickles with them – Will’s mom recently gave me her mother’s pickle recipes*, and Will’s grandmom apparently set the standard for pickles. Which is to say, my pickles weren’t gonna make that leap,  no matter what. Also, I made apple pickles, which none of us had heard of before last month, so heaven only knows what was coming out of that jar.

But we opened them up and shared them around, and ya know what? Pretty good pickles, y’all! Even Will’s folks liked them** – woot!

Below the cut is what we made, and links to the recipes.

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