I guess recipe swap was inevitable – Howie loves to grill, Michael makes a bomb hard apple cider, Chuck makes a delightful gumbo, Barbi is famous for her snickerdoodles, and I make some pretty good finicky bread. Everyone has a special little something that they cook – often g-chat will unravel into descriptions of the delicious stuff any one of us is making for the fam, or someone will need an /afk in the middle of a dungeon so they can pull something from the oven. You can practically smell dinner some nights. It’s delightful.

The other night during raid, everyone started talking about chili. Our RL has apparently made some 3-alarm stuff, and suddenly we’re there in Firelands, discussing just how one should make chili – osm. Also, now I totally want to make chili this weekend.

Nicole to the rescue! Check out my mailbox ->

Clearly, we’re gonna have some osmsauce this weekend.  Woot! The rest of the recipe is below the cut, if you want to try Nicole’s chili (Chilleh!) too =) I’ll be printing this entry out to bring in the kitchen, m’self.  Have a delicious weekend!