Zomg what a week!

In addition to dailies and boss fights in Firelands, real life goes on, and it has been going on in a rather full manner. Man Cub is finally back from vacation in FL (where he had a blast, thank you), I’m still temping four days a week, and my application to vend over at the Holden Farmer’s Market* was accepted.

Which means that I’ve been sewing my little heart out. On Sunday I stitched and stitched while both  The Fifth Element and Serenity played, as well as three This American Life podcasts, and two episodes of Firefly. And I made a whole bunch of rather pretty (I think!) shopping totes =D I put some up on Etsy this morning, too, if you’d like to check them out.

And speaking of Etsy – the lovely Ms. Lavoie over at Maple Street Shoppes has rounded a bunch of us MA locals  together on her webbie. If you go visit my page by her, you’ll find a coupon code you can use at my Etsy shop.

The rest of the week has been awash in gardening and taking care of business. I paid off a bunch of back bills and totally felt like a grownup for all of three minutes – we ran out of oil right around then, and had no hot water for two days (oops). I ordered some yummy yarn for more bunny hats. I’ve been cleaning and making stock for soup.

Meanwhile, my (many) lettuce sprouts are ready to go into the ground outside,  our little  pumpkin patch is doing super cool growing things, and we’ve even picked some veggies out of the garden already!
That’s green beans, zucchini, little teeny peppers, and a pair of roma tomatoes that fell from the vine while we were re-staking the plants. Since that pic, we’ve pulled out two more zucchinis (they were delicious!), and one lonesome cherry tomato. The roma plants are near to bursting right now with green ones  – when they finally ripen, it’s totally going to be tomato sauce time. And cucumbers! We’re going to have a bunch of cukes pretty soon too. Which is to say, it’s time to research some pickling and canning business. Homemade pickles and tomato sauce this winter? Oh, yes. Oh, very very yes.

And, in case you’ve been following along, I’m finishing the fourth Game of Thrones book – probably tonight. The fifth one is sitting waiting my attention, patient by the plants in the sun room. So every spare moment of downtime, I’ve been curled on the couch, reading, and it’s been delicious, to say the least.**

So, um, more as it happens – xoxox


*I’ll be out there every other Tuesday afternoon, from 3-6-ish. If you come by to see me there, you’ll notice that there’s a pretty hefty discount on items from the prices on line.
**In two weeks-ish, when I finish the fifth book and there are no more of these to read, I will surely be a basket case for a little bit.