Who gets up at 6am on a Saturday when they don’t have to work? For reals- Will will tell you out of hand that Saturdays are for sleep till eleven. Man Cub would make that nine instead, for there are video games to be played and cartoons to be watched on a Saturdays, amirite? Regardless, Saturdays are customarily for sleeping in at No. 208.

But this last Saturday we all rolled out of bed and got our butts in gear. We packed the car all full of tee shirts that I had batiked up in the basement over the last month, the hats that I had made over the course of a year, and a bunch of sticky labels with ‘Apple Batiks’ printed on them, and headed up to East Brookfield.

Super fantatsic Ms. Kris Lavoie has put together a really great concept – she’s doing home-grown craft fairs at her house, under the moniker of The Maple Street Shoppe (the link is to FB – go ahead and like her, meow meow). The idea is to support local community by purchasing from artisans that live in the area.

This first one was small, five or six vendors in all, but a really great start. The little sale saw folks coming and going from the East Brookfield Independence Day celebrations just down the road, and everyone was super nice. The next one will be in October (I’ll totally post more info as it approaches), and in the meanwhile, Kris is building a website for some vendors, so there will be an online community, as well. How, cool is that?

So this was my very first craft fair, and I really enjoyed myself. Sat in the shade* and spent the day being more relaxed than I have been in a quite a while. I sold a few tees, and a lunchbag. The most surprising, and coolest sale that I had, by far tho’, was a wooly rabbit hat. Dear Sarah saw the hat and just got super excited. Sweet kiddo that she is, I made sure to mention, like, five times, that it’s still hot out and bound to get hotter, but she insisted that she would wear this hat all summer long,** and so with a slightky raised eyebrow, I sold her the hat. And, zomg, is she adorable wearing it! Sarah, luv, you totally made my day ♥

*Moved my chair as the sun moved xD
**Amigod, ADORBZ kid. Don’t judge – it’s not an uncommon thing, you know. I have vague recollections of being nine or ten and suffering heat or cold for fashion, myself, I do. Also, um, high heeled shoes, hello. That said, may Sarah have the sense to come in when it gets too hot – if she gets heat stroke, I will just cry.