As if you couldn’t tell from the last batch of entries, I’m really enjoying the hell out of WoW since the last patch. Where I had been simply making my raid nights (which never gets old, for the record) and noodling at dailies (read: picking flowers in Twilight Highlands for better stress reduction*), now I look forward to the dailies in Hyjal, and have an interest again in running heroics (I really like the troll ones) for valor points.

While back in game with gusto, I noticed something the other day. I had a bunch of on-the-brink achievements. I was one away from both the Littlest Pet Shop and the It Belongs In A Museum achieves. One (1)! Look –
That right there? That’s a big ol’ loose end to be tied up, my friend. In my heart of hearts, there is little I would like more than to be a professor with a pet dragon. 

I’m also one (1!) book away from having the Higher Learning achieve >.< It’s the Conjuration book, the one that spawns by Timear outside Violet Hold on the first floor of Violet Citadel†. Or rather, doesn’t spawn so much – Archemage Whatsisface’s papers keep turning up (his journals, and copies of The Fluffy Bunny, ostensibly his copy, natch) where Conjuration should.**

As the book is being elusive, I figured I could do some archaeology, and hearth back to Dal every so often to stalk check up on it. Run a troll random, get some dailies done, dig up some stuff – what could be finer for a Sunday afternoon, right?

The problem being that our house was kind of messy. We have three cats right now, and with the a/c on it’s closed up while the cats are still shedding like zomg. This: cat hair tumbleweeds. In addition to the fact that for some reason we seem to use the glass-top stove as a counter as well as a cooking device, and it gets super gross super fast. Also the end of the week means it’s time to top-to-bottom the bathroom, vacuum all the places, and change out the bedclothes. Also, I needed to make some soup for dinner. And had some sewing I wanted to do too.*** What’s a lady to do?

Make good use of her flight points, that’s what!

So I did it this way: I dug a little, I stuck my druid on flight paths, and I cleaned in between. By the time I had dusted and swept and got mop water together, I had a tidy collection of archaeology fragments, and I built some stuff. I checked Dalaran for the book, and headed back to Kalimdor (I want Tol’vir bits, so Kalimdor it is – Crawling Claw, y’all. Also, please please please the Vial of the Sands recipe inside a canopic jar – pretty pretty please). I cleaned the bathroom. I gathered more bits. I changed out the beds, and gathered more bits. By the time the house was spotless, I headed back to Dal to look for the book. Beside the To-do list of a mage, I sat down to build, and this popped up –

YES! Cue squees of delight! It was another hour or so before enough fossil spots spawned to build it, but by then there was chicken soup warming on the stove (in our spotless house, thank you very much). And then it was a joy to type into guild chat: hey, guise! wanna see something neat? and watch the achievement spam go through.

Ta-DA! And that’s the story of how I (ok, my druid) became a professor with a pet dragon. And a clean apartment.

And here’s a picture of the pterrordax hatchling – who is darling in his own right –

And now onward to find the last book!


*Way more fun than running circles in Dalaran. 
† ETA – I had been stalking a book I already had for, like, three days. I feel super dumb about that, for the record. I have learned from my mistake (the painful way – a real book spawned and I clicked it, and, natch, nothing happened, even as excited as I was), and am now camping a bookcase on the other side of the city. Please send Good Spawn Vibes my way.
**Just an aside – I really do love the fake books. Portals Are NOT Garbage Bins is giggle-worthy, for sure. But it makes me sad that I keep finding Archmage Antonidas’s journals all over the place. It’s bad enough Arthas took him out, now his stuff is scattered in all the crannies of Dal? Poor guy. At least they built him a stuatue, I guess… On a lighter note, the idea of him sitting outside the Violet Hold, feet dangling in the water, reading a copy of The Fluffy Bunny, cheers my heart a bit.
***Mark! I made the first shopping bag \o/ I’ll be taking it on a test drive through the farmer’s market on Tuesday – I’ll let you know how it works out =)