It’s true! We downed Shannox last night \o/ After a couple weeks of fumbling and strat tweaking, we did it – we have officially dug our heels into Firelands.

I’m deeply enjoying the content dropped with 4.2 – for one thing, the TH and TB dailies (which were the only ones that I was bothering to do since I maxed reps with everyone) were starting to get a little stale, tbh. For another thing, ZOMG DURIDS STORIES, right? And new reps to grind, and new achieves to work on, and new pets – all that stuff is stuff I love.

Well, somehow, in the midst of all of the new content, I managed to grab a quest to craft a legendary. Wuuut? No, really!

Had I really understood what I had in my quest log, had I known what osmness I could be building, I would have had more stake in the /roll last night when an Eternal Ember dropped out. Maybe I would have been nervous, or giddy with anticipation when I rolled for the order of who would get to build the legendary first. Maybe I would have waited till everyone else had rolled. The truth is, I never do expect to win a roll, so it didn’t occur to me to get worked up. And then this happened –

Y’all, I could just cry – I’m so freaking excited at the prospect of building this thing, I’m nearly ashamed! Me – little old me, the Flower Pickin’ Big Ugly Chicken, building a legendary with the support of my guild – friends, this is freaking osm. Here’s what the end product will be –


And, yes, it looks like the quest chain is super long. And, yes, it looks like there are a ton of things that need to be collected for this puppy. And, yes, I’ll still be making Truegold everytime my cooldown is up (not to mention fishing for volatiles), so that I can have a nifty hammer crafted by a friendly blacksmith in the meanwhile. But still – I’m excited!