Patch 4.2 is here at last! And you know what that means, right? NEW PETS!

The other day I realized that I had a gross (a gross!) of pets (144!)  – which meant that upon the dawn of 4.2, I got a couple brand new pets just for having collected a bunch to begin with. And then I found out that there was a quest pet to be gotten, right there in Org – the Horde Balloon.

The balloon quest was a fun little bit of fluff. In Blown Away, you find poor Jaga has lost the balloons his pop got him at the Darkmoon Faire – they somehow got away from him (as does happen with kids and balloons), and they’ve scattered all over Org. Poor little guy! Really, who could resist helping him out by collecting them for him, right? And when you bring them to him, he’s so sweet, he shares one with you =) The quest has a super cute coda upon turn-in, too.

So now I’m at 147 pets – just three away from the achievement Littlest Pet Shop, and a fancy celestial dragon pet!* I’ve already started doing the daily jousting quest in Hyjal for the other jousting dolly (sooo cute!), and have begun the daily-o-rama so that I can buy the two pets from the rep vendors. Rep, dailies and pets in the same place (and I can farm herbs there too???) – oh, hells yes, sign me up!

Nuts. Um… huh.

Also fun – check out how Nuts the squirrel is displayed in the companions box tab of your spellbook** ->



*During the olympics a few years ago there was a darling Spirit of Competition dragon pet that you could get, but I never seemed to be in a winning bg. My son, on the other hand, did get it, and we both squee’d a whole bunch over it.
**My spellbook? I’m assuming it looks like this in everyone’s spellbook, not just in mine.