So we had a strep throat scare this week. Poor Man Cub was down for the count over the weekend with what felt like a golf ball in his throat, fevery and a little nauseous. By Monday Will and I had sore throats too, and we all shuffled off to the pediatrician Tuesday morning, sure that we would be making appointments with our doctor on the way home. Thank goodness, no strep – it’s just something disgusting that’s rolling around in our area right now.

So instead of calling the doc on the way home, we hit the grocery for ibuprofin and popsicles. As fate would have it,  I had a coupon for the popsicles. This is what our freezer looks like this morning* –
Also, I’m having issues with today being Thursday already – where the heck did the week go??

*Edy’s Fruit Bars are the bomb. ZOMG, the pineapple ones! And now they have peach! I need to find some of those.