I’ve been feeling a little blue this week – the job search has been an annoying litany of, “I’m sorry, but you’re over-qualified,” and other pursuits are blooming in their own time (read: slowly), and my arms are a little sore from yoga. Life just had me by the tail there for a little bit, y’know? So I wanted to do something nice for myself.*

I had some test fabric left from the batch of tees that I made last weekend. A Hanuman print that came out pretty on plain muslin. I’d had it sitting since last week, trying to decide what to do with it.** Well, a girl can always use a handbag, right? Right!

I based the bag construction loosely on the lunchbags – side gussets and generous bottom, so it comes off nearly square. For the strap, I made a big tube with pretty much all the leftover fabric – waste not, want not, yanno.

I don’t know if I’m going to make more bags to put up in the shop or not – this one was a lot of work to make. But on the other hand, I was working without a pattern,  freehanding it because I had limited fabric and wanted to make sure I had enough left over for the strap. So it might actually be easier the next time – you know, after I measure n’ stuff. Hm… I’ll think on it.

This weekend’s dye bath will likely be blue or bright green, as I had a family request for a kid-sized dino tee, and I’d like to get that together asap. I’ll post stuff up when it comes out of the dryer.

*Something nice that doesn’t involve eating.
**It almost became a pillow.