Guess what’s happening in this picture! Man Cub is accepting an honerable mention at the regional science and engineering fair yesterday=D

Whee! And do you know what that means? It means he’s moving on to the state competition in June! The boy is so thrilled he could just burst – he even took the medal they gave him to school with him today so he can show his science teacher – as well he should! Do you know? He’s the first kid from his middle school to compete in the regional science fair – whoa!

His project is about paper airplanes – which kind of airplane flies best.

Man Cub and Will built a launcher after Man Cub and I brainstormed about design. They launched planes. Man Cub put together the data, and I wrassled Excel into making a graph for it.

This is all very exciting, especially after all that hand-wringing getting the project into gear back in February! Look at what you can do, my darling Cub – look look!