Driving Man Cub home from soccer today I was totally jonesing for pita chips – we had like, three, left in the bag at home, and Ed Hyder’s*, which is on the way home, totally makes the bestest pita chips in the world. So I figured, we’ll stop in, I’ll grab chips, we’ll head home and warm up dinner, right?

…but they were out of pita chips. QQ

All was not lost, tho’ – I picked up lamb for a stew, some fancy cans of french orange soda, and a bag of pita bread.

Home Made Pita Chips makes a goodly amount **
1 bag of thin pitas – I like Bay State Bakery‘s pitas
1c good olive oil
1 1/2Tbsp herbs n’ spices***
salt for sprinkling

1. Preheat the oven to 450º
2. Mix the spices in the olive oil, set aside.
3. Open all the pitas so that you now have twice as many big circles as you started with. Lay them on baking pans. Brush with the olive oil mixture on both sides.
4. Bake in the oven for 4 minutes, flip over, and bake another 3 minutes.
5. Allow to thoroughly cool on paper towels, then break into snack-sized pieces. Shake any loose spices left on the paper towels back over the chips. Store in an airtight container once you’re absolutely sure they’re cooled all the way – greasy stuff has a tendency to get stale fast if you don’t, and these were made with oil.

Enjoy =)

I was totally thrilled at how super easy this was, and how inexpensive. I may never but commercially packaged chips again.


*Holy crap, I love that place like ZOMG. First of all, when you walk in, the aroma is freaking amazing. Also, they carry all the little odds n’ ends that I love to cook with – bulk spices, dried grains and beans, freshly butchered and/or frozen lamb, fancy cheeses, citrus sodas in blue cans with french labels. And wine. They have tons of domestic and imported wines (not all of which are expensive) – some weekends they even have wine tastings. Also, their in-house treats are delicious – pita chips, kabobs, marinaded chicken, spinach pies and miniature pesto pizzas mmmmm…
**Enough for our household and Jaqueline and Daniel’s as well.
***I will put Montreal Steak seasoning on pretty much anything. I used some of that, some onion salt, some pepper, and  some oregano. I bet paprika would have been lovely in that mix too.