I’ve finally gotten the batik shirts up on Etsy! Come and browse – there’s lots of baby/kid stuff, and a few adult tees. Like this one –

Also, zomg, I’ve joined the ranks of Facebook. If you would like to like the shop over there =)

More pix under the cut.

All tees are hand painted and dyed using soy wax and fiber reactive dyes.

The process involves soda ash, but that gets washed away entirely in the process of  removing the wax at the end, so no worries for baby’s tender skin. The color may or may not fade a little over time, but shouldn’t have a dramatic effect. Nonetheless, it’s wise to wash these shirts the first few times with like colors. Also, they won’t shrink; I’ve hot washed them within an inch of their lives =)

I’m very pleased with how these are coming out. I should have another small batch of adult shirts this week. I have some purple dye left to do another tub bath, and I have black dye on order, to arrive, hopefully, Thursday evening.

If anyone has a line on 100% cotton tees for inexpensive, let me know.

More as it happens ♥