You know how it is around here: …all creatures great and small… and all that.

We have a squirrel that loves us back – she comes across the roof (or noisily up the gutter pipe) for breakfast. Sometimes I walk out to porch to find her spreadeagle across the screen door.

She’s a sweetie. We call her Sister, or sometimes Mama, now that she has kits. Will started feeding her when she’d lean over from the roof – he’d hand her up peanuts. I had to patiently explain to her that I’m not nearly as tall as Will, and so cannot get a peanut within reach of the roof for her to grab. Eventually, after much patience on my part, I lured her to the porch railing. She’s still pretty vigilant when she comes down – she’s startled easily by noises or sudden movement – but she trusts us enough to take the treats from our hands, sometimes leaning out onto our fingers for balance.

Honestly? It’s seriously one of the most osm experiences I’ve ever had.

this afternoon

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last week

Sister all up in her noms