So the laundry:

First the washer dies. Of course there is water in it. This is ok, as we have another washer. Will is going to look at the washer that dies when he gets home. With any luck, it’s something goofy, like the cord or something. Or something inexpensive, like the belt.

So I put the laundry in the other washer, spin it out and stick it in the dryer. I go upstairs to do other things. I do other things for an hour, and then head back downstairs to check the status on the stuff in the dryer.

The first thing I wonder upon opening the basement door is, “Why so humid, Batman?” Upon inspection, the pipe that vents the warm wet air from the dryer to outside has become divorced from itself in the middle – the duct tape holding it steady has steamed off.

Also, turns out I never actually closed the lid on the washer full of the second load of clothes, so it has filled, but not run. >.<

How does this happen? I am completely capable of running the laundry. I have run laundry, like, a zillion times. And somehow today, it’s just not working out.

Gonna be that kinda day, I suppose.

ETA: the washer is mysteriously working again. Whut?