Last night we finally got the Critter Kill Squad achievement. To say that this was a long (and slightly tedious) task is an understatement. There just aren’t that many people in our guild, and 50,ooo of anything is a lot of things to kill*.

A lot of times I’m prone to tell people that I am a lucky kind of girl. But this one wasn’t about luck at all. It was about perseverance, pure and simple.
You may or may not be able to read the print on that panel. It states that I have killed 28.8k critters. I believe that the count started with the Cata release. If the count started before that, the difference is negligible – I never killed a critter on purpose, except for that frog killing quest in Dustwallow.** I like the critters. They squeak when they die, too, and that’s pretty offputting.

But when I heard about the achieve, I set aside any squeamishness, reminded myself that even critters run back from the graveyard when you kill them, and set off into the world. After killing single mice and skunks and rats here and there, and noting that progress was painfully slow as such, I went in search of multiples.

I began with griefing sheep. I griefed the same two flocks of sheep in Uldum for so long that I thought they might ticket a GM, swear to dog. But it was super convenient, as I love herbing, and whiptail is plentiful in Uldum, it made sense. I’d pick some flowers, I’d grief some sheep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Typhoon FTW – flying fleece! The sheep (roughly 40 of them) are in two herds, north and south, here:

Then there was the bug tunnel in Easter Plaguelands. Terrorweb Tunnel, in the northwest part of EPL, just west from Strat, is filled (filled!) with spiders, scorpions, and beetles. There are a few hostile npcs in there, but they’re level forty-ish, so not a problem at max level.  I’d go in in cat form and swipe my way to victory, getting 100-150 bugs at a pass.

And then there are the penguins. ZOMG, the penguins are in great concentrations along the coasts of Northrend. I flew down to Borean Tundra and started haunting ice floes. The penguins on the ice floes around BT generally hang out in groups no less than twenty. A guildmate tells me it’s the same with the floes around Howling Fjord. I believe that there are a mighty number of penguins to the north as well, but I never did get there to check. The best part about the penguins is that I could run a loop from Unu’pe to Colderra, and by the time I flew back to Unu’pe, all the birds had respawned. I was getting about 2oo penguins each loop, roughly 1k every 25-30 minutes. And let me tell you, friend, it is deeply satisfying to magic mushroom a bunch of penguins to death, or Typhoon them off the iceberg while shouting, “FLY!”

Something you should know as you embark upon this achievement: it used to be that if you were in a party or raid group with guild members, that each kill made would count once for every person in that party. It’s been fixed now. So there’s no reason to go in groups. The best strategy for this seems to be simply that a lot of people are killing critters at the same time and egging each other on. Two of us, myself in BT, and a rogue in EPL, managed to take the count from 32k to 41k in a few hours last night. When joined by a hunter in HF, it wasn’t long before we made that last leap.

Good luck and good hunting! May all your critters run in packs, and may your armadillo adoption bring you joy =)

*Or fish up, or craft, for that matter.
**And I was ashamed for laughing at the way they flipped up in the air when they died, for the record.