I don’t like to make a big meal when it’s just me and Our Man Cub – not that he doesn’t eat for two or anything since, yanno, he is nearly a teenager now* – but it just feels funny to put together a whole meatloaf or a pot of chili for just us. On the upside, Man Cub likes more spicy in his food than his dad does**, so it kinda of makes up for making small dinner when Will isn’t around for the evening’s meal.

So tonight Will’s up at the museum with a bunch of folks hunting ghosts,*** which means it’s just me and the Man Cub and season 2 of Farscape on dvd. And all either of us want is mac n’ cheese. With hot peppers. Here’s how we do it:

Mac n’ Cheese, Spicyserves 4-6¹

1# box macaroni
3Tbsp butter
3Tbsp flour
1 1/4c shredded sharp cheddar
1c to 1 1/2c whole milk
4Tbsp pico de gallo or salsa
jarred crushed red peppers to taste

1. Boil and drain the macaroni, and set aside. Actually, any small pasta will do – we like the pipette from Barilla.
2. For the cheese sauce, start with a roux – melt the butter over medium heat, and add the flour. Mix together over heat, stirring the whole time, until it starts to thicken.
3. Add a splash of milk and a handful of the cheese. Stir until the cheese is well-combined. Continue to add the milk and cheese a little at a time in this manner until all the cheese is mixed in and your sauce is as thick or thin as you like it.
4. Stir in pico or salsa and crushed peppers to taste, pour sauce over the macaroni, and serve hot. It’s really yummy with broccoli on the side.


*Did I mention he’s a champion eater these days? He kinda has to be at the rate he’s growing. Last week his pants looked a little snug in the legs, and then all of a sudden they were too small for him. Swear to dog, overnight (overnight!) his pants had become floods and there was no way to button them. His shirts were an inch too high in the belly and the sleeves were so far up his wrists he looked comical. On Thursday and Friday we sent him to school in sweat pants and his father’s shirts. On Saturday we rekitted him from the men’s department instead of boys, as he no longer fits in anything from boys. We are now broke for a bit. Also, he still needs shoes. Will gets paid on Thursday, thank gawd.
**Also, let the record reflect that Man Cub will eat packaged indian food without sighing. \o/
***Yes, really. They even have a ghost-sniffing dog, who, unfortunately, is not named Scooby.
¹Yes, I’m cooking for the two of us. Man Cub makes it three portions. Then he will likely eat the leftovers as a snack after school tomorrow. Also, I may or may not be incapable of cooking fewer than four portions of, really, anything x.x