So, you ever have one of those days when your expectations just don’t live up to the reality of the situation? Well, our guild had one of those last night. It was OSM.

So, we managed to finally kill Maloriak last night. After many a wipe on this guy, phase two finally clicked, and we got him down – WOOT! It was even a fairly clean kill. And to boot, we killed him pretty early, with an entire hour left before the end of raid time. What to do, what to do?

We headed to Bastion of Twilight* to pick at the trash** in hopes of an epic drop (I think there was mention of a dagger?) and to see wtf about Halfus, whose fight I only understand to be something like release the dragons, kill the dragons, kill the boss.

And then… well, things got surprising.

Huh. Well, wouldja look at that.

I love when stuff like that happens – we had a good comp, and the dragon adds were a good mix, and it all fell down go boom. After a solid week of wipes on Omnomnom Defense System last week, it was a victory we much needed.

If you do any yoga with regularity, something that you come to understand is that some days are easier than others. Some days you wake up stiff in funny places and you cannot reach your toes, period. You just can’t. Then there are other days when you can get into something like crow position without too much stress, and you feel good and strong and right with the world. Some days you can do the power yoga, some days you just mostly roll around on the floor, thanking the universe for the strap around your foot, you know?

And I think that it’s often that way for raiding. Some days it just all comes together – all the limbs are working together like a greased machine, and you just, well, get business done. And just like finding yourself in crow, it’s exciting.*** I think, more than anything, that’s what keeps me so engaged in progression raiding.

Also a happy surprise: I found out last night that in our guild, a /roll of 69 is an instant win. I LOL’d.



*There’s now a summoning stone at the entrance – you don’t have to go all the way to Grim Batol anymore =)
**File under Amusing, If Not Very Nice: we found out last night that it’s possible to lifegrip the mage over the edge into the lava.
***Sometimes so exciting that I tip over onto my forehead, but hey, I made it there, right?