(Headsup – I’ve only seen P1 of this fight so far, which is to say, the P2 part is cobbled together from some vids of other people killing this boss.)

Ok, so. Maloriak has two phases. P1 is all about him throwing different colored vials in the cauldron behind him, and some stuff happens when he does. You’ll either get red or blue first, then the other, and green is always third. This goes on to 25%Dear gawd, interrupts are super important. We do it with mages and a shaman. The interrupting business has to happen through the whole fight. Arcane Storm is a lightning cast all over the raid – the raid can take a tick, maybe two before the healer gets really stressed out. Also, in red-vial time, if you get the debuff and you don’t run out of raid, you’ll blow everyone up. So, you know, run out if you find you have a big X over your head.
When we last did attempts on this guy, the RL said we needed to stand 6yds at distance. I’ve since read 8yds and 10yds. I’m pretty sure 10yds was in the beta, and has been changed to either 8yds or 6yds. If you stand close together, just like on Sindragosa, everyone shares the iceblock. Also, make sure your healer has time to pop a little something on the toon in the tomb before you break it – breaking the block damages the guy inside.
Green vial is pretty clear – nuke the adds that are now compromised. If new adds get through, worry less about them – they come out supercharged, and can’t be killed. They’ll have to wait for the next green vial.

Then P2 happens and, from what I can tell, there’s all kinds of stuff going on – an AoE poison nova, a line of fire that aims for the tank (and so the tank has to run him around the room), and some scurry arcane orbs that you don’t want to crash into. Also, any adds that you didn’t do in before (there are 18 in total), and a pair of bigger adds called Prime Subjects come out to play. In watching vids of the kills, it looks like the adds are occupied away from the boss (so they don’t buff his business), and the boss is focus-fired down. Sound right?
And, as always, the Tankspot vid below – unfortunately, I could only find a 25-man of the encounter.

But also, the WoWWiki has some good 10-man strat vids at the end.