Oh, little stone cootie, how I loff you!

Tiny Shale Spider pet was an overnight success that took weeks. First of all, the bug drops off a rare stone spider named Jadefang – who has, like, a six-hour spawn or something. And every hunter I know would like to tame her. Which is to say, there’s almost always a hunter waiting at her spawn point. Which can only be reached by means of a quest item from a daily that seems to be available once, maybe twice, a month at best (at least on my server).

But the good news is, the pet is a 100% drop. So here’s how you do it:

1. Pick up the quest Underground Economy from Ricket*. She’ll give you some bombs she made herself, called Ricket’s Tickers, in order to complete her quest. If you decide to finish the quest while waiting for Jadefang to spawn, don’t turn it in, or you’ll lose your Tickers.

2. Go to where Pebble usually hangs out when hes lost, and mount up.
Jump to the green rock. I’m 100% sure you cannot jump there on foot. Unless, possibly, you’re an engineer with rocket boots. But I haven’t heard of anyone doing that. If you’re an engineer and want to test-drive that for me, I’d squee a little =)

3. Turn toward Jadefang’s hidey hole, place a Ticker, and step forward.
You will be flung onto that ledge. At the back of the hidey hole is where Jadefang spawns. With a heaping helping of good luck, the spider is there, and a hunter is not.**

4. KILL KILL KILL! Profit.

Here’s a vid of getting to the spawn point. This guy uses a slightly different bomb jump than I did, but it’s really great to use if you’re a visual kinda learner and want to see the cave step by step.

*Right inside the entrance of the cave where you go to find Pebble when he’s lost. From Therazane’s Throne, head out and left, to the place where all the gyreworms are hanging out. It’s the same cave where you go for enormous red crystals and motes when you do the Therazane dailies.
**I gotta tell you, my attempts at getting this pet may have been hampered by my own rules for camping. If someone else is there and clearly camping, I’ll leave and come back some other time. There have been too many instances of Our Man Cub being disappointed/frustrated to the brink of tears by someone stealing his kill – it’s fucking horrible to witness. Every hunter standing there waiting to tame a fancy spider? I imagine as a twelve-year-old kid who’s excited about the (exciting!) pet he’s about to get as soon as it has the decency to spawn.*** I can’t do it – I cannot kill that Alli hunter, or his kill.
***Our Man Cub, when he was nine, rolled a hunter as his first toon. And omigod was he thrilled to run around with his cat pet and quest. He named it, and talked about his pet incessantly, he was so excited about it. But he didn’t really grasp how often it had to be fed, you know? And when he finally realized often it had to be fed, and how important it was, he had to find food (fish? clams?)  fast. While he was hunting murlocs for clams or somesuch, his pet freaking ran away. To add insult to injury, his pet ran off in the middle of a fight, so he died in the process. My friends, you have never heard such pain.  There were tears and anguish, and once the tears finally dried, i took him to tame a rare cat pet that comes from (came from? I don’t know if it’s still there or not – I don’t think the place is there since Cata) a cat figurine. He lacklusterly tamed it, but really? He didn’t play his hunter for a month. Then after a few days of toying with it, he rolled a warrior. There was another hunter that didn’t last very long, but pretty much he’s been playing a warrior. I blame the pet incident. Hunters and their pets – I won’t ever mess with them.