I managed to make it all the way to day 21 before I hurt myself. Which, I think, is a victory, yes?

Friend or foe?

My back is messy again, which happens periodically. I can’t blame it on the yoga – I mean, I could, but it would be a work in fantasy. Sometimes my back goes wonky from some really dumb things – for example, sneezing really hard. Or napping in the papasan chair*. There will be a sudden wet popping noise, and it hurts to walk for a week. Then, after I rest it a while, the pain just goes away. I’m pretty sure it was a sneeze again, this time.

So I’m resting it. Which is really boring. But if I don’t rest it, I’ll be eating Advil like M&Ms and complaining that my tummy hurts too. That cycle? Is for the birds.

I liked the YJ challenge pretty well. It was nice to have some new vids to work with, and explore some new poses (hello, half-moon pose – I never thought I would be able to get into you, much less hold it without tipping over immediately.) I do wish there had been more to the to-do aside from the one comment page, but, hey, yoga is supposed to be personal, right? So it feels good to have made it to the end, even if I did supplement it with the vids in my collection. The idea was to do yoga every day for 21 days and to stretch one’s boundaries, and I did just about (I skipped a few days – four, I think, over the 21 days) that. I will be continuing with my home practice, for sure.

So it’s one of those funny snow days where the weather service predicted snowpocalypse but it’s raining ice instead. Our Man Cub is home**, and restless. Will is out in the driveway cussing. Bread is rising on the counter, and the cats are looking at us like What the hell, guise? Srsly, there are too many two-footers in the house this morning. Pls to go somewhere else nao, peoples.

Also, I can’t get this song out of my head:

For reals, this is the fourth day in a row I’ve woken up with it in my head O.o I mean, yeh, the 80s were pretty good to me,*** but why this kind of nostalgia invading my business all of a sudden? Hm.

There’s nothing for it but web comics and more coffee.

*Which also happens to be the most comfortable place in the whole world to nap. The napping part is fine -incredibly restful, in fact – but there’s something about staying in that chair for more than an hour that does a terrible thing to my back.
**Leveling his warrior’s engineering.
***Outside of the fashion. The fashion was not very good for me. Except for the long straight skirt with a T and cardigan – I looked cute in that with my asymmetrical haircut. The lacy goth look, in retrospect, tho’, was weird and smudgy.