Child's Pose

I look a bit more ungainly in this pose, but it sure makes me feel better.

Alright – so today is day 12* of the YJ challenge, and I’m not doing too terribly! I’ve only missed one day (gah – raid! I should have done yoga early in the day instead) so far, and my stamina is improving a bit.

I have to admit, I haven’t always done the video that they have posted up. Part of it has been that not all their videos are working right on my machine – 25 minutes seems to be the cut-off; the videos just stop playing. But the biggest issue, really is that I’m just not strong enough for them all yet. For example, yesterday’s video was chest openers – and while I got into nearly every asana, I wasn’t there as long as I would have liked to be. Child’s pose is my friend, friend.

When I preview the YJ vid and it looks like I’ll be in balasana** more than in the vinyasa, I’ve been doing my old standby, Power Yoga for Stamina*** with Rodney Yee. My dvd was bought used, and it has cracks around the inside circle (not where the data is – where it clicks into the case), and I keep it in a paper sleeve. One of these days I really should replace the thing – it’s just been so hard to find until recently. I really love this video – it’s challenging without making me feel like I need to throw up, and it makes me super warm and yummy inside from all the work. It’s really pretty osm for cool weather mornings. There’s also a flexibility one that I like a lot when I’m feeling bendy

So why is it so hard for me to keep in the groove? In general, I mean. I know that the yoga feels really good on my body, and yet I have to sort of convince myself to get on the mat and do it. The challenge has been good, as it’s kept me on track for the most part – every day I do yoga on their schedule, I feel like I’m accomplishing something, and it keeps me coming back. I think I have a lazy streak, maybe? It’s just so much easier to sit still, right?

But I’m trucking on. Today I’ll be with the Rodney Yee video – I’m a little frightened of crane pose, as every time I do it I wind up on my nose at some point. I have managed to get into crane pose a couple times. The first time I was so excited to actually get there that I squeaked before I tipped forward. I’ll get back to it, I will. I’ve already managed to get into half moon pose a few times , much to my startled delight, so I know I can get back there, and that’s comforting – the possibilities are wide open.

In other news, there is a bucket ion my counter with what turned into nearly six quarts of challah bread starter over night (from a generous double handful of dough – whut??) and this afternoon, kitchen willing, there will be bread to post about. It’s another snow day, so our man cub is home for another three day weekend, playing in Azerothean battlegrounds and muttering nasty things about the Horde on Bronzebeard under his breath. I’ll be kicking him out of the office in a little bit so I can spread out my mat. Hope this funny morning finds you keeping warm, meow meow.

*Technically, the 11th day, as I started a little late.
**That’s child’s pose, incidentally.
***I own two copies – one on VHS tape and one on dvd. While we no longer own a VHS player, I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of the tape. Even tho’ it has some blank spots in the front from where the VHS player made a mess when it started to die. Really, it’s pretty useless.