I dreamed a few months ago of realizing I could fly. I was on a street lined with trees that arched overhead, branches meeting at an apex, making tunnels the shape of cathedral windows. I left the ground, wobbly at first, hugging my arms around myself, and gaining air up under my wings, startled and laughing. The air was soft and cool. At the end of the road there was a lake, and I flew across it, heading toward some lights. I was giddy and exhilarated. I remember the dream from months ago,  like it was last night – palpable euphoria, my heart beating in tingles, the breeze in my face, how I woke up gasping. I cannot forget the dream. It will not let me go.

Kuriositas put a vid up yesterday and I fell in love with it.* It brought me back to that dream, even tho’ it’s only mildly related. Go look – it’s gorgeous.

Thank you, Charlex, for the gasping and flying. Thank you, Kuriositas, for showing it off.

*Once I realized I was watching the actual film, not a car ad preceding an actual film. There is no ad here – just the film.