Tonight I will meet up with a friend at the local Gamestop, and we will stand in line for our copies of Cataclysm. I reserved copies for me and Will,* and I got a phonecall from Automated Ashley yesterday, who reminded me in a most cheerleaderish way, that the store will be opening before midnight tonight to take care of that pesky purchase issue so everyone can get out soon after midnight. After Our Man Cub gets out of school, I will probably go up to the store and pay off the balance (I have to go up to the mall anyway, to order our Man Cub’s birthday cake from Coldstone), just to smooth things out. The coming week will, in all likelihood, be spent in Azeroth with breaks for meals, yoga, and sleeping in the real world.

And while I’m excited, I’m also weird today.

Let me start here –

Dargon Mail

I just got that last night.*** I also only just got the Yogg Kill less than a month ago (tho’, in my defense, Kingslayer came way before that). This is to say, I’m still mopping up old business on the cusp of the new stuff.

For the most part I’m fine with that. It’s just… well, it’s weird. I’m weird. I’m not sure I feel finished, if that makes sense. I still have a fishing derby to win (and I will continue to try for that on Saturdays. I even bought a Dalaran ring so that I have a mini -hearth in case of catching that shark!) I burned out and never finished repairing my rep with the Oracles (foolishly swapped over to Frenzyheart chasing the achieve for getting exalted with both Sholazar factions, only to find that I seriously have hate in my heart for the puppy men). In the last few days, I have seriously considered buying a Battered Hilt off the AH so that I could see the questline before I’m overgeared for it. Also, I’ll admit it – I’m going to miss Howling Fjord whole bunch.

But mostly I’m worried about the hurry. Someone told me last night that my guild would like to be raiding again before Christmas. And I panicked. See, I’m a kind of pokey leveler in the first place, but also I don’t want to rush this. I want to play with Archaeology. I am stoked about leveling herbalism again (new plants to pick – squeee!) and new alchemy recipes (ZOMG I can be a dragon****!) I want to fly over old world Azeroth and see the stuff that I couldn’t seem to get to by foot but could see from the flight paths. And, um, I also want to do the new quests.

Did you catch the order of import there? Lol, whoops…

Please don’t get me wrong – I love raiding and end game content (even dailies – I love me some dailies). I love raiding more than ever, now that I’m in a guild with people I adore. And I love being part of the guild and contributing to it. So I’m worried about being at max level on time to raid – I would hate for people to be waiting on me. I don’t want to let anyone down. At the same time, it’s really hard for me to rush my guts out and still enjoy myself.

As well as the (fun!) distractions of professions, by nature I quest like a senile little old lady: Ooo! Look at that! Ooo! maybe I should go see that other zone! Ooo! What’s behind that door? Oh-oh, I’m lost in a cave/pond/mountain. The one redeeming point being that I’ll be able to fly out of some messes. What I’m saying is that I likely won’t be 85 by Christmas. And personally, I’m ok with that – I just hope that doesn’t ball up anyone else’s plans too much.

What do I plan to do after I get the expansion loaded tonight?***** I plan to see a man about learning Archaeology, go train old world flight, and then go pick new flowers in new places. Maybe even out of bird form (gasp!). See you there!


*Really for Our Small Person Our Man Cub** – Will doesn’t play so much these days, while Our Man Cub is determined to level a toon to 80 (or 85, as it may be) this year.
**He’s taller than me now!
Share the Love Slowly LOL. It took forever for him to impale us all. He really just had it in for poor Evie – I think she got jabbed four times! Thank you, guildies! Especially thank you to Joe, who knew how to do these achievements and was willing to lead the rest of us through them ♥
****I may even bring my warlock out to level her mining so that I can pick up the Truegold in a non-cost-prohibitive way.
*****Please, pretty please, Universe, please let my system work right and fast enough for it!