Thorium Brotherhood post patch 4.0.3: Easiest. Rep. Grind. Evar.

I love reps. I have no idea why, but I love collecting them. I also like farming (pets, plants, fish, motes, mounts – pretty much all of it) a fair amount, so maybe that’s part of it. I did Timbermaw before they buffed the rep a few patches ago, cheerfully slaughtering bad furbolgs for their jewelry, for weeks – just because someone mentioned to me that there was a trinket that you get at the end for a furbolg ancestor who fights beside you. Nevermind that I was far over-geared to bother equipping it – it’s a cool toy. And I wanted it. Weeks. Then, once I had Timbermaw rep, it just seemed right to do the rest of the reps for the Diplomat title. Also, I had that thing for Skyguard. And you saw the thing about the goblins the other day. Ok, I just like reps.

But after the goblin grind, I figured I was done with rep hunting for a while. I figured, when Cata hits, I can do those reps as I quest and play in dungeons – I wasn’t really looking for a project right now.

And then a guildie brought up the scorpion mount – FANCEH! To get it, your guild is required to complete the Dungeon Diplomat achievement – the way I understand it, if your guild collectively has all the reps, you unlock the purchase for the whole guild. The only currently available rep* that I didn’t have was the Thorium Brotherhood one. So I figured I’d see what the Brotherhood was giving for rep. Turns out they’re a pretty affable bunch.

When I got to Thorium Point on Wednesday afternoon, I was neutral with the Brotherhood. I had done a handful of quests at some point and then left without ever thinking about it again. After all, in that general region I had already talked to Kibler about pets,** so why come back? I always found Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge to be kind of a snore.*** To be completely honest, I may not have even bothered heading out there, except that I found out Kibler had yet another pet quest.

Well Kibler sent me out to do a few pre-reqs before he would give me the pet quest, and friend, the rep I earned with Thorium Brotherhood was flat-out redonkulous. Before I knew it I was honored. By the time they sent me into a cave (dear gawd, did I get lost in there) to steal pillows from Dark Iron dwarves, I was almost 8k into Revered. A couple more quests, and I was 9k in, and had a shiny achievement (and a pet flamefly) under my belt. Also, I had completed a terribly fun bunch of quest chains. (Weaken spiders so an ogre can ride them, and then scrape their venom off his tummy? Oh, yes. Convince dwarves to dance  in a conga line with you and the aforementioned ogre? Oh, heeeells, yes! And I get to bag ash chickens too? Whee!)

So halfway to exalted, huh? I’d told Krikket at the beginning of the grind that I would be happy if I could get to exalted before Monday – I had heard terrible things about turn-ins of Dark Iron Residue and of Dark Iron Scraps, about scales from Incendosaurs and stack upon stack of Kingsblood – I killed the pink dinos every time I passed one, and I made plans to go pick plants like no one has ever picked plants before. Also,  I had heard about rep stuffs you can turn in that drop from Molten Core, but it’s one of the instances that makes me motion sick**** – so no way in hell I’m going in there.

And then I figured, what if the rep stuff from MC is on auction? Thinking that it would be cost prohibitive, and I would go back to my original strategy of herb farming, I went and checked on a whim. Boyoboy am I glad that I did – I got stuff to buy 2k rep a pop at pretty much bargain basement prices.  I don’t know if it’s just our server or if it’s going around, but I felt like a grade-A clearance shopper the week after Christmas. I retrieved the stuff from my mailbox, grabbed my Direbrew’s Remote from the bank, and mole machined my way over to the Grim Guzzler to get exalted.

So: neutral to exalted in scant hours. Fun and profitable, as it turns out – just from vendoring quest rewards below my gear level and AHing mageweave cloth that dropped off monsters along the way, I did better than break even, even after buying rep items. Very full of win!


*Oh, Cata! Bring on the grind!
**Some time ago I stealthed through a Blackrock instance to earn a worg pup and a spider hatchling – boy am I glad I did then! I just realized that they removed both quests – wow!
***With the exception of trying to get to places that I saw from the flight point. There may still be a dragon up there on a ledge – I’ve wanted to get to him for a while, but never did make it. When we are allowed to fly with the expansion drop next week, this is a prime pair of zones for me to buzz, looking for that dragon.
****I can’t figure it out either. MC, Black Wing Lair, and a few spots in Northrend give me the queasies.  In Northrend it’s the mist effect. I think in BWL it’s primarily the slowing totems part that makes me pukey – the expectation of motion that doesn’t happen. MC? I have no clue. I just get gross about five minutes after stepping in the instance.