I very rarely will buy any in-game thing from the Blizzard store. I don’t make enough alts to justify a Sparkle Pony, and I can’t generally rationalize purchasing pets for myself (For the record, the wind rider cub and its accompanying stuffed toy? Is darling – I may wind up saving for it at some point).  I was gifted a Pandaren Monk pet by a former guildie who saw me squee every time he brought his out (How freaking cute! I do loff that little kung-fu guy) but really that’s about it. I’ve collected over 100 non-combat pets all on my lonesome, questing and farming my heart out*.

But my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and Hanukkah today, and so yesterday I decided today to gift myself a little early with a Moonkin Hatchling. So when I signed yesterday afternoon, there was an egg in my mailbox, and a hatchling inside the egg – dawwwww! Those eyes!

And that kid can dance!

Can you see the family resemblance?

*The Hyacinth Macaw never did drop for me, no matter how many pirates I killed! But one of Krikket’s alts got it without even trying, and she was willing to sell it to me at a fair price ♥