On my way to cook for fourteen. The peoples, they will be arriving in he next half hour, and filtering over until five, when we sit down for dinner. The turkey is defrosted and ready to go, yesterday I made bread for stuffing, and the kitchen is warm.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple fun pix from Azeroth. The last couple nights have been looking and seeing, and gathering flight points (zomg, so many new flight points!), and generally poking around.

My druid went on a roadtrip to Darkshore for the Whithers pet*, and then got her fanceh singy sunflower (that was FUN!) –

I struggled a bit with the map – when I logged on, Carbonite was seriously broken (I hear there’s a beta now for download that isn’t broken, btw. I’ll be downloading that later, for sure), and I had to work around stuff, but managed well, as it turns out.

And I saw some stuff…
What I want to know is, do you see what I see in the Barrens?

Because, you know, I feel silly seeing it. But I do see it. Do you see it too? When my friend Ted saw it, he said, “Designed by 12 year old boys for 12 year old boys.” ** -le sigh- But also -le giggle-


*Whoa – what a mess Darkshore is! I was really sad going through there last night – there isn’t even a good road anymore. I’ll admit a few tears while in the cave with the grell too – I remember struggling through those quests in caves as a brand new (and very noobish) nelf.
**For the record, I have an almost twelve year old, and I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that is – maybe he’s sheltered?