In our margarine!

I came home this morning from dropping Our Small Person off at school, and the fridge door was open. This is not something that couldn’t happen – it’s hard to wake up in the morning, right? The door could have been left ajar – it’s not inconceivable. Some stuff had rolled out, which made it even less suspicious – sometimes when Our Small Person rummages around in there (which he does a lot now that he’s reached the pre-teen feeding frenzy*) he’s not really all that careful about what goes where, and the door doesn’t always close all the way – then it pops open later. It’s been known to happen. So I gathered everything up and put it away, and didn’t think much about it.

Until I went to make my toast to bring down for coffee with Daniel and Skipper Jane. AND JEEBUSXMASWTFBBQ – DUDE! THERE ARE FOOTPRINTS IN THE MARGARINE!

There’s no denying the presence of faeries. Peckish faeries. Who have been in my fridge.

So I opted for jam and brought the margarine tub down with me to coffee, untouched. Skipper Jane nodded sagely into the tub, and said, “Oh, my… Do you think it’s because you left the bread out last night?”

See, I made bread yesterday, and left it to cool while I went out with Our Small Person before dinner. When we got back, one of the loaves was on its side and missing a bottom corner. I attributed it at the time to one of the grey cats, both of whom are getting on in years, and also getting weird.** They like people food these days way more than they ever have before, and have been known to do silly things like steal dumplings, or try to eat the bread dough as I’m mixing it. So I figured last night that one of them had ripped a hunk off the loaf, and I resolved not to leave the bread unattended anymore. BUT! Now I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the cats.

Daniel, who generally doesn’t buy any of this faerie business, just sort of blinked into the tub.  He didn’t say anything at all. Usually he at least has some kind of snark for situations involving faeries, but not this time. He just poured coffee around while looking puzzled. Eventually he did ask if Miss Anne had been around lately, and I told him, no, not this morning while I was out taking OSP*** to school.

So. Faeries are back. And apparently, they like my bread =)


*Oh, mercy, that kid is hungry these days! Also his feet hurt, and his knees are sore and he’s surly without warning. Someone’s pant legs are about to be too short any moment now.
**No, mom, we do not call them, “demented.” It freaks out both OSP and myself, who can only think of Harry Potter fiends, and the idea of the cats like that is too much to bear.
***Who had buttered his toast this morning, btw, and had not mentioned footprints – which he would definitely do.