Verticle Oracle card Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Your old self is the fuel you will use to burn your old self to the ground. This bonfire will liberate your new self, which has been trapped in a gnarly snarl deep inside your old self. It’s only at first that you’ll feel freaked out by the flames. Very quickly a sense of relief and release will predominate. Then, as the new you makes its way to freedom, escaping its cramped quarters and flexing its vital force, you will be blessed with a foreshadowing of your future. The intoxication that follows will bring you clarity and peace of mind.

So Will has been gone since Friday (not for good or anything – he’s visiting in the northwest and will be back this Friday), and I’ve been off like whoa. Some of it is that the schedule is changed up for me with the division of labour being, well, undivided for the week, but I don’t think that’s the main brunt of it.

I think that something is clicking for me – there’s a charge in the air that signals change. I can fairly smell it in there with the leaves on the ground. Like Something Big is going to happen sometime soon. My spidey senses are tingling, for lack of a better description.

Well, there’s that. And there’s also morning traffic that kind of makes me nauseous. And also, my parents are coming into town on Tuesday and I’m really pretty unprepared. Or that I’m going to be forty in less than a month.

I was down in the basement a little while ago, putting the laundry up to dry, and I sat down and had half a cigarette on the couch. It occurred to me then that Candice has been gone about three months now. There was no unconscious white girl lump on the couch, the table was clear and clean, and there were no half full foam cups or water bottles littering the room. It was quiet and peaceful. And I’m not mad all the time anymore. What joy in that revelation! What joy.

Something is definitely lifting.

Also, I think I saw another faerie this morning. On the way to the car I chanced to look back at the basement window, and swear to dog, there was a tiny face peering back for an instant. Did I mention that the heart-shaped box with the fabric scraps – the whole box – is gone? Gone, friends – gone.

*Yes, I read my horoscope daily from two different sites, and weekly from Free Will. I also look at where the moon is at every day. I am Aquarius rising with my moon in Gemini. This is to say that according to astrology, I’m one super conflicted cupcake with equal parts whimsy and worry. Oop!