I just found out about ROA, and I’m thrilled to the core. I’ve spent the evening poring over the web, looking for more information about him and his work. All I know so far is that he’s Belgian, all his work is spraypaint (skinny cap), and most of it is street art.

Kuriositas recently posted about this piece –

which is in danger of being painted over – color me heartbroken.

I cannot get enough of this stuff – stunning stunning work. Couple more for you –

The majority of his work is animals, and a lot of it is in abandoned or disused places. I’ve surfed up pix tonight from Warsaw to London to Brooklyn. He’s not entirely street, tho’ – his gallery work is pretty amazing too – doors and compartments in pieces, paintings on gallery walls with a pile of bricks installed in front of it, even video of a piece changing from a whole animal to a skeleton*.

I. Am. Enthralled.

*Here. About a third of the way down the page. Sorry – I can’t get it to embed.