Doesn't everyone have a desk tomato?

This is my desk*. I need to clean my desk. I am afraid of cleaning my desk, but I cannot find the surface, and this is counterproductive to my goals. I will clean my desk this week; it is no longer an option to leave it as is. Damnit.

On the other hand…

The corner of Osm and Sauce.

This is a rather nice corner, just to the right of my desk. It is an oasis of calm. This corner, along with the finite amount of coaxial cable in my house, is the reason I do not just burn the desk and start again in the next room move my desk into the sun room, which is full of light and stuffed with books.

I will clean my desk this week. I will clean my desk this week. I will clean my desk this week. -sigh-

*Please note that among all that stuff on the desk, there is no item that would pass as a camera cable. Will is still pulling pix off the card and emailing them to my computer. Dude. This has got to get handled.