It's a ded tentacle monster named Sarah! Sort of.

I know, I know – Ulduar is old news.

But that kill, right there? Totally important. Listen – I was absolutely willing to accept that I would leave Wrath behind with a few monsters unkilled.  After all, I barely got to kill anything in BC, much less vanilla – I wasn’t even around for vanilla. I still haven’t seen Hyjal, or what the inside of Black Temple looks like. I’m not sure whether or not I’ve been to Gruul’s lair – I may or may not have stumbled into the lobby at some point while I was making Ogres like me for the Skyguard. And really? I’m pretty ok with that.

But a Yogg kill.. Well, there was some pining all mixed up in the acceptance thing. Let me explain, ok?

Ulduar was where everything started to fall apart. This was a server and two guilds ago, and the first raiding team I’d even been on. To be honest, we were shaky at our best moments, frequently pugging to fill a spot, or borrowing folks from one of two other guilds to complete a run.* But I distinctly remember the night Johnny, who was tanking at the time, went afk to puke. We were at Thorim trash, and he’d been sick all week, and I’d said in vent before we even started, that it was more important that he felt better than that we released Thorim. But he wanted to do this thing anyway, he said. The implication was not that he’d resent us for this later.

And then he disappeared. Then a few days later, Sir, our holy pally, disappeared for a month. He was building a druid, as it turns out, but never told anyone. Then surprise overtime, school schedules, and life business got in the way. Some raiders left for other guilds and then came back, and then left again. We got as far as Vezax, and stared longingly into Yogg’s prison from the vestibule. Months and months later, Johnny eventually came back after ICC was released, but by then no one wanted to go back to Ulduar anyway. And then I got aggravated and transferred, hoping for the best in ICC, and letting go of Ulduar, crossing it off as something that just wasn’t going to get finished.

Krikket persevered, you know – all she wanted was that Rusted Protodrake, and by gum, she got it last week, hard -mode achievements and all – oh, hells yeh! And even as I cheered for her, I was still personally unattached to the whole thing. I had let it drop – or so I thought.

And then last night we killed Yogg. Overgeared and slightly dazed, we walked in, with Krikket to point us in the right direction on the Yogg fight (if you’ve never heard her explain a fight as if a pilot on an outbound flight, you’re missing out, btw). Under the encouragement of our fearless GLs , we cleared Uld in less than two hours, and swatted old Yoggypants down.

And it wasn’t as exciting, say, as a progression at gear level, I’ll admit. But it was freaking satisfying.

Makes a chicken sooo pretty!

The night that Wrath came out, I stood in line at the Gamestop with Krikket’s boyfriend and some of our future guildmates, and got my fanceh box. I took it home and installed it, and then, my friends, I spent the next two hours killing bird guys for the Skyguard. I wanted the ribbon before I went to Northrend. I had been trying to get the fanceh ribbon for ages (and enjoying the grind like zomg, for the record), and I needed to finish up before I moved on. I just needed to. There was no good explanation behind it, it was just something that was important.  I let that import drop with completing Yogg, because that’s what the situation necessitated, but my gawd, killing him off last night totally closed up the rough edges around some stuff. Now I feel like I can go into Cata with work done and slate clean. I know it’s irrational, I know, I know. And I could spend hours processing through it, for sure. But I don’t want to, in honesty. I’m just glad we killed him last night. It tastes like good bread.

Clearcasting is so pretty nao!

*This is why I never have complaints about having more than ten people in our guild who can raid, I suppose. I don’t mind sitting sometimes if that means I can eventually play progression – there’s too much brokenheartedness involved in telling people we can’t go because we’re shy a tank or three healers. It’s like showing up for a soccer match and finding out we already lost by forfeit because half the team had to work overtime. I mean, really – is there anything more agonizing than standing in Dalaran for forty-five minutes shouting that we need a tank, and then one never materializing, even when you have a calendar invite stating a full raid group?