I just made cookies. Three batches of cookies. Thumbprint cookies rolled in almonds, with jammy centers – raspberry and marmalade jammy centers! I even crushed the almonds myself, putting them in a ziploc and then beating them up with a rolling pin*. (Click on the piccy below for the recipe.)

And they taste GOOD! Like, I didn’t screw them up! Like they’re not hard as a rock! Like – dude. I made them three times, and they were osm all three times.

(For reals – they taste good!)

If you have ever eaten my baked goods**, or rather, tried to eat my baked goods, you will understand how exciting this is. This, friends, is a Very Big Deal. Whee! =D

*Super satisfying, btw.
**Bread excluded – I make a mean loaf of bread, thank you.