Part the First:
Last night at writing group, Skipper Jane quipped that her favorite animals are all black and white and start with the letter P: pandas, penguins, and pnuns*.

Part the Second:

Silkie chicken is fluffy!

Jacquelyn proclaimed, also last night, that while her spirit animal is a silky chicken, that Will’s is a seal, complete with a ball for balancing on its nose, a little porkpie hat secured with elastic, and a ruffle around its neck. What this is, I don’t even.

Will was not amused. Not even a little bit. I don’t know – were I to have a turning point in my life punctuated by the appearance of a seal ambling down the road in my periphery, balancing a ball on its nose and ark-ark-arking, personally, I’d be rather pleased. Just sayin’.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Jaquelyn has moved in. I’m not entirely sure that Daniel is willing to acknowledge this fact, tho’.

*You know – the p is silent.