Things are coming along swimmingly.

It is a kinder, gentler* furbolg, for sure, but I think that’s ok for Halloween, don’t you? Full pix under the cut.

After spending stupid amounts of time looking for teddybear eyes and coming up nil, I tried to make some out of Fimo and, well, failed miserably. Then I found** some eyes – thank goodness! The teeth (face and necklace) and snout*** are Fimo – I’m pretty pleased with how those came out.

The question of But how will the boy see? was solved with a little bit of pragmatism: he needs to see when he needs to walk, but he can still look like a furbolg all the way, if he ducks down. Look! Look!

Now you see him…

Now you don’t!

Man, oh, man do I in retrospect wish that I’d sewn the zipper on the inside. I was afraid that if the zipper was on the inside, we’d have issues with zipping up fur, and hence, ruining the zipper. Libs has been trying it on and off while I’ve been putting the costume together, tho’, and we haven’t had any fur issues. I think we could have gotten away with it on the inside. I may go back and fix that this week.

We’re on the home stretch now. All that’s left is the apron/thong, which I should be able to bust out in an hour-ish if I can braid fast (rope was not to be found in the right thickness, but we do have twine. This morning, I shall watch some Firefly episodes and braid like a champ).  I have some blue fabric ready to go, and a notion of how it’s going to fit together.


*Possibly chibi.
**I don’t want to talk about it. We have eyes now, and that’s what’s important.
**Also, we had a snout emergency yesterday – I dropped the head, right on its poor nose, and the nose broke D= In case you were wondering, Fimo does not go back together with either hot glue or superglue. I managed to hot glue the broken pieces to the face, and then filled in the cracks with more Fimo. While it’s a little sticky, you can’t tell that it’s been repaired, even from close up. -whew-