(My favorite shammy lady is showing hers, so I’ll show mine too.)

So. 4.o drops today and I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, it should be fun to learn the new play, and to be allowed some noobness again. On the other hand, I was really just getting into the swing of (finally) being dangerous. Le sigh. Well, I guess I spent all that time being OOM and undangerous before the last bunch of patches, if I wind up reverting back to that status, you know, it’ll fit like an old shoe, right? LOL?

Anyway, we all know I only play a druid because they is must b nise together*. And flight form. Definitely for flight form. Those two things aren’t going away, so, well, you know, good times.

Anyway. I did some reading, I played on the talent calculator, I came up with some stuff:

I have no idea if this spec will stick or not. I’m worried about damage. And mana. And hit cap – jeebus, 446?? Really? Holy guacamole, Batman! The good news is, I have room for two specs, so I can test drive a bit.

So there need to be new glyphs, and I’m still deciding between a couple of those.  I need leather boots and bracers (rats – my cloth ones are so fanceh!). Aaaand I may or may not have a working meta gem when I log on tonight, depending on what has become of blue gems in the whirlwind.

I totally remember doing this re-talent stuff for the first time a while ago. I remember standing in Shatt trying to figure out what to do now that all the druids had had their talent points refunded. I teleported to Moonglade, I added points, I took a screenshot of my points for future reference***. A cat/bear druid friend of mine was so angry that patch (bears got so nerfed I was tempted to send a condolence card), he stopped playing for like, a month. I was wasn’t raiding – I wasn’t even up to doing heroics at that point, nor was I playing any form of cat or bear, so most of the changes washed over me and left me blissfully unaware.

I think we’ve been refunded our points twice more since then? Three times? It’s always a little confusing, but I’m getting better about knowing what to do – for one thing, I have that business screenied and in a folder, these days. For another thing, I’m getting a better handle on knowing what’s working and what’s not working – this is the benefit of being in a guild made up of Very Kind and Well-Meaning Busybodies****.

But I have to tell you, I’m anxious about what’s coming with this patch, and in a couple months, with Cata. This is the third play change to Eclipse, for one thing. For another thing, almost all of what I’m hearing from balance druids playing in the beta is QQ about mana, and fears of being broken in raids.

But my biggest anxieties are not damage – I don’t need to top meters to have a good time*****. My anxieties are all social. I worry about embarrassing myself in front of people I like a lot – I have been known to do brilliant things in raid before, you know, like run in circles attempting to shake off a blood beast (just for the record, terrible plan), or typhoon one of those suckers into the melee and then root it there (osm, huh?) so the tank can share the loff too. To my guild’s credit when I happen to Starfall into the next room, thereby pulling a zillion mobs in to come play with us, they weather my mistakes with good humor. I would just rather not take them down to lick the floor with me, you know? It’s poor form.

So we’ll see how things go over the next few days. It’ll be a lot of playing and relearning, and I hope, good-spirited laughing together. Please guild, be gentle on me – I can has a learning curve.


*Oh, trees. Oh, trees trees trees =( And Alamo will need a rewrite now.
**No mushrooms till 85, in case you’re wondering what that empty space down at the bottom of the Balance tree is. ETA: Them’s not even mushrooms lol guise. That talent looks like the freezy ground thing mages do without even trying – you know, the accidental rooting of mobs that makes your tank’s eye twitch? Only it does it with MOLD! (Iw.) I may or may not grab it in my second spec for ease of completing those pesky leveling quests, tho’, come Cata.
***This is to explain that I had no idea what my talent points had looked like before they got refunded. I had no idea that Blizzard would do such a thing as refund talent points in the night – it never occurred to me.
****Whom I love – b nice 2 them or I will cut you.
*****Clearly, if I did, I would never have stuck with balance spec. In seriousness, I tend to play pretty conservatively in new instances, considering the addage, “A dead moonkin does no dps.” It’s when I get comfortable that I get less conservative (occasionally with the result of being dead in funny places). Also, I know now that you can’t really accept a rez on an elevator and expect things to work out well. File under: Stuff I Have Learned While Raiding.