Ok, so we’re making progress, but clearly not quite in the home stretch just yet.

The fur suit is done, but there’s a TON of tweaking to do before my son makes a credible furbolg.

First things first, I’m a little worried by the proportion – I wonder if it would look a little better if the face was a touch longer. On the other hand, it seems right with reference to the hump. I’m going to have to spend some time just looking at it and figuring out what the deal is. My gut tells me that the issue is really that my son has, well, people proportions, and the furbolg does not. In which case, some major tweaking needs to take place , making the head bigger, and placing it a good deal lower.

Once I get a handle on that part, we still need:

  • ears need to be covered
  • eyes
  • thong and apron
  • ear feathers
  • necklace
  • fangs, nose (Fimo project)
  • attach head (and figure out where)
  • gloves and sneakers redux

But it’s coming along, and so far so good. Like I said, there’s still a lot to be done, but I’m thrilled to be this far along, this many weeks from Halloween.