Yes, I left the house on Thursday night – I drove even. I stood in a crowd! And no one died, nothing bad happened. I didn’t even cry or get sweaty. David Sedaris was wonderful, and Will and I had an osm date =)

I’m just a little worn out now, two days later, still. I have that funny aftereffect from going out – where I shouldn’t watch the news because I get overwhelmed with how people treat each other, and I don’t get it in my gut, what’s going on with people, politics, or day to day interactions*. Usually when I hit this lull, I just stay close to the ground, get involved in my kitchen or with the sewing machine or something, read a book that takes me to another planet, watch Serenity for the Nth time, play with watercolors. You know, lay low, hide out.

I’m going to try something new today, tho’. I’m going to Our Small Person’s soccer game. I think that spending some time out might be good – stretch myself, be in the sun. The weather is good, and I think I’m up to it. Afterward, I might head to the bookstore to pick up Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk instead of ordering it online. I’d like to feel confident enough by the time Halloween comes around, to go out trick-or-treating with Our Small Person instead of handing out the candy again. Please send good thoughts fort this experiment!

Speaking of Halloween, tonight I have to tackle the furbolg costume. It occurred to me this morning that I have less than a month to construct a thongbear suit! So, um, here’s to industry!

*This is a whole post in its own right. At some point, I’ll have to do that. Just not today.