David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors in the Whole World – and guess who has tickets to go see him live tonight!

Skipper Jane will be arriving around six-thirty this evening to look over Our Small Person*. Our Small Person promised to behave**, despite the fact that he is super jealous. The truth is, we would take him, would that we had another ticket. We were gifted these back in June by Mr. and  Mrs. Moskowitz, who saw the listing in the brochure for the theater to which they belong, and thought the tickets would be a great anniversary present, even if the performance was months from our anniversary. I tell you, friend, this is one OSM anniversary present. We feel extremely well loved!

Jaquelyn is in the same camp with Our Small Person, and will not be watching Our Small Person this evening***. I told her I would try to get something autographed for her, tho’. Then she huffed and said it just wasn’t the same if she can’t be there for Mr. Sedaris to sign her cleavage. Actually, I think the direct quote was, “I’d like Davis on this one, and Hugh on this one.” It was delivered with the most adorable and devilish smile ever, just for the record.

Also for the record, there are one hundred and twenty-six cupcakes in my freezer right now. There are no pink ones left.

**When he was a Very Small Person, he used to promise to, “…behave – I’ll be very have!” Zomg, so cute, right?
***Out of deference to Jaquelyn, we will not speak of it. Will and I are referring to this evening’s events as, “A Date.”