So Daniel and I finally made it out of the basement around two yesterday. We waited until we no longer could hear lady feet and the smell of baking became a resonant smell instead of an active one, and we made our way upstairs with trepidation.

The highlight of my day was watching Will consume 22 pink frosted cupcakes in one sitting before we both passed out – me from that up-stupid-early business,  him from sugar crash. He explained to me later that pink cupcakes are better than other cupcakes. When I queried him on this, he stated simply and adamantly, “Because they’re pink.” Daniel corroborates this story. As does Gabs (who somehow managed to sleep though everything last night). Jacqueline agreed when I asked her. I haven’t asked Skipper yet, as she’s been over at Byron’s. I had two cupcakes for breakfast this morning, and I think I might believe that the pink ones are better. At least the pink ones with coconut on top.

Meanwhile! It’s a good thing we got out of the basement, as raid last night was OSM.

First of all, ding dong, WE KILT A BIG PURPLE DARGON IN RUBY SANCTUM last night!
Honestly I was really concerned about this one. About two months ago we worked on it a little. We got really close – into phase 3 of the fight. And then, well, we, um, we never went back. We geared peoples up in ICC*, we worked on some Ulduar hardmodes**, we did some VoAs. Good times.

I have to say, I love progression a whole lot of a lot. (I also love being able to use crowd control, but that’s for a post of its own.) But there were folks who told me straight up that they weren’t looking forward to RS. I think it was a gear worry, I’m still not entirely sure, so I put on my Patient and waited to see what would transpire. Well, when we finally planned to go, I was totally worried that there might be a lot of people who still felt lackluster about RS, or that it had been so long since we’d done progression, that we’d have morale troubles if we had wipes.

BUT NO! We 2-shotted him!*** Cheerfully! Ok, so we died a bunch of times on trash, yes, fine, we did.**** But, YaY! We took down Halion! And no one said, “Are we going to beat our heads against this all night, guise?” And no one g-quit when we wiped on trash. And everyone was all focused n’ stuff – it was Quite Osm. /cheer!

Also on the List of Quite Osm, when we went to ICC to run the weekly, we decided to stick around and do the whole first wing. Dear Joe and I were all gambling for Lootship dropping some stuff for us that never drops (we decided on the way that ICC is a den of lies, in case you were wondering) – Joe’s been hoping on a fancy tanky ring for as long as I can remember. Please think good thoughts for that thing falling out Very Soon!

And Oh! Oh! Oh! My telescope finally fell out!

Holy guacamole, can I even tell you? I have been after that thing since like forever, yo. At last I can retire my Eye of the Broodmother – oh, happy happy day!

Other fun things last night include Triple Moonkin Madness – how many Starfalls does it take to panic your tank? Um… two. Three is even more exciting. Also, I learned this: More than one moonkin in a raid means each one must take care to remember which moonkin they are. Your neighbour’s proc, no matter how juicy, will not help your dps. On the upside, it’s entirely possible to play catch with a Bloodbeast if there are enough Typhoons off cooldown.

Fun with Typhoon here, for your veiwing pleasure:


*How thrilled am I to have learned the Lich King fight, y’all? For serious – it’s exciting!
**Which also is osm =)
***3-shotted? Might have been 3-shotted.
****There is no shame to wiping to trash! Ok, a little shame. But only a little. I loff my raid, meow meow.

Dear Raid Whom I Love So Much,
Please, for the love of all that is holy, let the napping dragonkin nap.