Dear Skipper’s Mom –

I would like to address your concern that we, the people who live and #208, apartments 1-3, are living in a Bohemian Urban Wonderland*. At first, I was compelled to take umbrage with your description of our living conditions (I hear that the term was not employed in the nicest of ways), but after some thought, I find that I would rather embrace your description.

First of all, I think it’s important that you know your daughter is well-protected here – she is among friends who love her, is employed close by, has gentle animals** to pet and play with, our building is secure and weatherproofed, we have off-street parking, and Skipper’s apartment is rather cute – color coordinated, even (see proof of conscientious cleanliness and dish-washing above)!

While #208 is not located in a pastoral setting, those of us who live here find that we like it no less than your neck of the woods (so to speak). There is nothing more delightful than a house full of people who wake early to share coffee in the morning, and our common space in the basement affords us that kind of dressing-gowned goodness four out of seven days a week***.  Morning coffee can become a salon of sorts, if anyone manages to maintain perkiness for an extended period.

And we even have a garden, did you know? This year we have been growing mint, yellow squash, tomatoes, and green bell peppers, as well as chinese lanterns, three varieties of roses, tulips, daffodils, and some viney thing with orange trumpet blooms that attracts a hummingbird or two. In the summer it’s quite relaxing to sit out there with a tall iced tea. In autumn, as the colors turn, the garden, set among the three tall oaks, can be quite inspirational. At #208, it is easy to forget that one lives in a city.

We at #208 find that it is rather easy to live here. We eat well, and we celebrate – in fact, this evening we shall be enjoying a dinner together at sundown for Rosh Hashana. Skipper has promised to bake something with apples and honey in it for sweetness in the new year****.

So. I would ask kindly that before you continue to judge our household an unfit place to live, to consider that we have quite a comfortable place to enjoy our lives here at #208. This is a home that fosters creativity and kindness, and nurtures the soul; Will and I would not choose to raise our child here, were it anything else.

In closing, please consider that you have an open invitation to drop by any time and partake of the comforts we have to offer. I hope to meet you in person some time soon.

Most Sincerely,
Apple Moskowitz


*Yes, Skipper Jane related to me your telephone conversation of Tuesday morning.
**As well as squirrels who live outside and frequently come to the second floor porch to be hand fed peanuts. And the occasional faerie crosses her path as well, I’m sure.
***Yes, yes, it’s quality coffee – nothing from a can. I grind it myself.
****In the pan shaped like Darth Vader’s head, no less – I’m excited!