It is September. Which is to say, it’s Halloween sewing season*, and Project Number One is the costume for Our Small Person to wear for trick or treating. This year? He would like to be a furbolg.

We will need foam and funfur. Lots and lots of funfur. And a hoodie sweatshirt and sweatpants**.

And also, a better idea of what’s going on with the shape of a furbolg! All those polygons screwball my understanding of the shape IRL. There is also the problem to be solved  (a common costume problem) of how Our Small Person will see out of this costume.

Idea number one was to make the furbolg face protrude from the top of the hoodie’s hood – extend the hood, as if a baseball cap with a long brim was worn under the hood. In that way, the wearer will be able to look through the furbolg’s mouth. But then the furbolg costume winds up with no hump. Really now – what furbolg in all of Azeroth has no hump? Unacceptable.

Then Will was all, like, “Well, why don’t you just make his head the hump, and then make a screen to look through?” And I totally didn’t undestand what he was talking about at first. So he grabbed a pillow, and voila!

Will is a furbolg!

It’s a total forehead slapper. That man has Good Ideas, I tell you. Good Ideas.

rough engineering draft #1:

So the engineering shall continue over the week. On Friday, we raid Joann Fabrics.


*This is NOT a household of storebought costumery. It does not happen. Halloween is srs bsns in these parts.
**Apple’s Protip for Small Person Halloween Costumes: Build it around a sweatsuit that fits the child. If it looks to become too warm, disassemble the sweatsuit and use it as a pattern.