If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve had some evidence of Tuatha in our lovely house – which has been fine, in general. The only issue so far has been that of pieces of my fabric have been made off with – not big pieces or anything, but torn raggedly from the yardage. So I mentioned this to my lovely mother-in-law, who suggested that I put out some pieces that the faeries could pick and choose from for themselves, without issue. She believes that this will bring about some harmony in the house, and forge an alliance with the wee ones. She also warned me strongly not to piss them off. And she said it like someone with Big Experience in the area.


I’ve put out some nice pieces for Our Very Small Friends, as you can see above. (I’ve misplaced the camera cable, so I had to pop these on the scanner.) I put them all in the bottom of a little box from some chocolates years ago – heart-shaped, if you will know, and lined in pink satin (thank you, Will, darling), and set the whole thing under the desk where I stack my yardage. I left a selection of threads on the lowest shelf, along with a stitch ripper, so if thread is wanted, there’s no need to haul off the entire spool. I shall keep you updated as to what happens!