First, let me give you a good look at the bookshelf:

You can see that the plant there is reaching for the sun. You can also see that it’s nowhere near anywhere that one of the cats can get to reasonably*.

Now look! Look!

Purple string!

I’m telling you, we have tuatha afoot in this house. And someone’s dress is not holding together very well.

I showed Will’s mom this afternoon when she was over to pick up our small person for lunch – she nodded and told me to cut a nicer bit of cloth for our small friends and leave it somewhere they can get to it easily, and they should stay away from the bolt. I haven’t yet put out that bag of scraps that I had been mulling over; I’ll get on that tonight, for sure.

*The cats have set off the camera trap now three times.  All three times we knew it was a cat, because immediately following the shutter click, there was a resounding crash, a fluffy blur, and a mess to clean up.