Afk from raid tends to be a bit of a thing for me. I’m sure I have some of the stranger ones. I’ve had to go afk during raid for the usual stuff, you know, doing the pee pee dance, phonecalls from my brother in a tizzy, or whatnot. But I’ve also had some sudden afks involving one of the cats throwing up at my feet, or getting stuck in the cabinet and pushing all the pots and pans out in a struggle to get out*, my son’s pet rat having a seizure** or somesuch. Last night it was my husband calling that I come see the raccoon on the roof!

We live in the middle of the city, and yet we have a bit of an enchanted woods theme going on around here. As well as our own four cats and rat and tank of fishies indoors, outside we have a ton of wildlife. Thanks to the feeder by the porch, we’ve seen birds aplenty (sparrows, grackles, some little grey birds, cardinals, jays, and a woodpecker), and we are able to feed some of the squirrels from our hands (oooo, they love peanuts when they’re not busy raiding the bird feeder!). We have resident skunks (who are fairly unafraid of us – one came and sat on my husband’s feet the other night), a big momma and her babies. We have at least one opossum, and a few feral cats too. But we’d never seen a raccoon, so the spotting last night was an event, and well worth the few minutes of afk.

I love urban wildlife so very much – it feels like an affirmation, in a way. That people haven’t entirely managed to claim the land, despite all the electric and Fios cable laid under the roads, despite the traffic, and despite the noise. I’m excited for the little fuzzy ones making their homes in the niches in the walls. There’s something romantic there for me as well, in all that reclaiming of spaces – hidey holes and secret places.

So anyway, the raccoon was exciting. And of course, after April’s story about the raccoon party in her back yard a few years ago, I totally expected that this fella would have a tub of ice cream under his arm.***No ice cream, of course,  and we watched as he ambled over the garage roof once he’d spotted us watching him. It was a pretty cool moment, a bit affirming. We all live here together: the people, the animals, and the fae.


*Why they continue to climb in there when they inevitably get stuck is beyond me. It must be related to how they eat the spider plant, even tho’ they will inevitably throw up.
**It’s really scary! Poor little guy =(
***apparently they really like ice cream – who knew?