Chris says that fearies don’t like to be thanked, that they get snippy with thanks. Which, I guess, would be more important if I had something to thank them for, but they’re really not doing anything that deserves gratitude. Unless you call tearing a hunk of purple organza from the bolt and making off with it thankable. Sigh.

But I’m wondering if it might not be wise to leave them a little treat or something? A tidbit to keep them off the goods I’m currently using, right? I was thinking about setting out a pile of the better scraps for them to go through and pick and choose – I wind up with a lot of pieces that I keep around for just-in-cases (or maybe one day making a taffeta patchwork teddy bear? Or something?) and they’ve been collecting – there are quite a few. Perhaps our resident fae could make Something Pretty from them.

I showed Daniel the tear this morning, and while he was sympathetic about the missing chunk*, he is still going with his assertion that we have squirrels or mice, not faeries. I ask you, fair reader, have you ever seen a squirrel in a party dress – or even a turban – made from purple organza? I can tell you with 100% sincerity that I have not.

*Daniel is a good good human being. He lets me wake him up at stupid hours of the morning, and follows me to see what I’m on about. A good good human being. Even if he doesn’t believe the evidence in front of his eyes that indicates the presence of fae.