I saw her again today! I’m pretty sure it’s the same faerie, but, of course if there’s one faerie, there are likely many faeries – I don’t think there are a whole lot of loner faeries running around in the world. They’re supposed to be social people, aren’t they?


I was in the basement this morning, just sifting through some stuff for the new dress I’m working on (omg, purple organza!), over in the corner where we moved the couch. For the record, it’s lovely now that Candice has moved out – you should see how clean and airy it is now that there aren’t dunes of miscellaneous crap all over the place – viva la difference! It’s become a wonderful place to be – and knowing that I won’t be embarrassed when my writing group meets this week is nothing short of joy.

So I was in the basement, sifting through the odds and ends (some people like to call them notions), when I hear something veeeery tiny moving around over by the wall. So I shifted just a little bit – I didn’t want to startle her if it was really her, and if it was a mouse or something (not that we’ve had any mice, but you never know) I didn’t want to startle me – and there she was, climbing out of the bag with the zippers in it!

She didn’t see me for at least half a minute, but then all of a sudden she froze, and turned her head really slowly – dude! We were face to face for a moment there! Then she turned into a streak and shot through the space where the paneling is loose, and she was gone.

She’s about as tall as the length of  my hand, and has wings like a dragonfly, all shiny and color-changey, green to blue and orange like those really pretty but really destructive beetles that eat the rose bushes? Her face is kind of pointy, but in a pretty way, and she has short dark hair. Oh! And she was wearing a little crown that looked like it might have been fashioned from a champagne bottle fastener (you know – the wire thingsy around the top of the bottle, that people bend into a chair sometimes).

I tried to tell our housemate Daniel about it, but he insists that I saw a mouse. He wants to call an exterminator. In his defense, his reaction may have had something to do with it being seven thirty on a Saturday morning. He did have the Fabulous Ladies over last night, and the cocktail shaker was in the sink.

I told my husband about it, and while he oohed and ahhed in all the right places, I’m not entirely sure he isn’t humoring me. BUT! I told my son about it (he’s eleven, in case you’re wondering), and we went down to look together. He knows stuff, you know? So we spent a little while looking around, but didn’t see much. He says he’s going to make a camera trap. Which is to say, he’s been on the internet for the last half hour. I’m excited! Maybe we’ll get a picture!