Some days I miss playing a nelf, I really do. I miss my furbolg stick from the Raene’s Cleansing quest chain. I miss my kitty mounts a bit. Whenever I visit Darnassus now the sentinels beat me up and steal my milk money, and it’s a bummer.

My decision to move over to the Horde wasn’t an easy one, for sure. But it was based on a desire to raid with people that I really like. I spent a long time when I started playing, actively avoiding being in a guild. Some of that was me just being a bit of a loner, & some of it was staying away from guilds because I had heard things about drama. But the Big Bad Truths? Well, for one thing, I had no idea how to play*. And for another thing, shy gets in the way. Since then I’ve been in a few guilds, and was even a guild leader** briefly. It’s been a mixed bag across the board, but when I found people that I like to raid with*** I rolled a fancy troll mage, and then brought over my druid.

And I like the Horde side, in spite of their super confusing cities. Once a current guildie was kind enough to show me how to escape from Undercity (disappearing elevators whut?) without shaming me, I started to get the hang of things for reals and enjoy the change.

Today I saw a Cata spoiler that made me completely confident in my decision to swap hordeside.  To say that I’m super pissed at the nelves is an understatement. The Shatterspear trolls are my friends! I met them back when I fell into the Troll Bowl while exploring**** and we hung out and chatted and danced! We looked at each other and marveled, “Hey! You’re blue? Check it out – I’m blue too!” (I was a nelf then, remember).  Before I hearthed back home, we embraced and I promised to come visit again. Friends!


Color me heartbroken. Also, color me Horde.

*Not that I didn’t know how to push buttons and follow instructions to complete a quest – I could do that. But I did not understand some basic stuff like how to gear and work talent points. Or that bringing five people to a dungeon, one of whom can heal and one who can tank, is not simply a suggestion.

**I do not recommend this.

***With guilds came knowledge! And, well, you know, Naxxramus. I was hooked. Who’s yer Kingslayer now, baby – omg, druid SO big!

****I’ve spent a TON of time exploring Azeroth, including: climbing to Ironforge Airport, checking out the Wetlands Farm, dancing with the Shatterspear trolls, and swimming around the old world continents. Please don’t tell me I can’t get somewhere – I will spend a lot of time at least trying.