So the title of this post is the one from the generic message they make for you when you sign up for a blog (wordpress leaves you the option to edit the entry, natch). It’s also the opening line from a Kate Bush song, one of the ones on the b-side* of Hounds of Love, the concept portion about the kid who falls through the ice on a frozen lake.

Somewhere around this house is a copy of Hounds of Love – on cassette, no less. If I dig around, I might even find it relatively quickly – I know there’s a small box around here with a handful of tapes in it. I’ve been carrying them around since college, whittling them down with every move – there might be five now? One of them is that Kate Bush, another one is KD Lang’s first release. I think there might be a copy of Surfer Rosa, but that one also may have gotten jettisoned along the way in favor of a cd that actually, you know, plays music.** I’m pretty sure the other tape is a recording of a band I used to be in, playing live (& a little off key) at a dive bar in Ohio.

Alas, we no longer own a tape player. And also, iTunes doesn’t have the early Kate Bush catalogue.  Which is to say, that song is never coming out of my head.

*Yes, Virginia, once upon a time music media actually had two sides!
**Something terrible happens to cassettes when you leave them in the player of your car, conveniently located right under the vent, all winter. The recordings can lose some integrity. I mean to say, they go melty.